Robotic Grocery Stores

Robotic Picking Solutions for Your Grocery Warehouses
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We develop robots that go around the store, picks all the items requested by the consumer, and brings it to them!
Picking Powered by AI
Picks all kinds of items, and brings them to the customer
Gives live insights into
inventory and sales
Make compact stores
With upto 1000 products
in 320 sq. ft.
Why Automate?
To Reduce The Rent and Manpower Cost

Benefits of Automating Picking

Order Fulfillment
Reduction in cost of
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We are always looking for passionate and talented individuals to join the Mowito family. Please contact us at with a cover letter and resume if you think you may be a good fit.

What is a current state of technology?

The technology is ready to be deployed in your warehouse.

When Mowito will be available?

Currently we are offering early access program, please contact us for further details.

What can it be used for?

Any place, where an item (less than 2 kg) needs to be picked, Mowito can automate it.

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Pittsburgh, PA 15213

India: 53/1, 3rd cross street
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